Erotic services in Münster
14 Oct 2020

Did I mention I’m a social butterfly? I love enjoying the company of couples, groups, and have plenty of beautiful friends for doubles. I also enjoy dates out on the town, to corporate events and parties, or more adult parties if you’re into exhibitionism.

I love being spoiled with flowers, spa treatments, lavish trips, fine red wine and delicious meals, dark chocolate, and lingerie. I’m your escort in Münster.

How long have you been wishing for your dream to come true? I encourage you to not wait too any longer to finally get what you’ve been thinking of. I am your dream made flesh. I’m open and honest delivering my personality in its most genuine form. I am truly a exquisite beauty to experience.

I take equal pleasure in delivering a unique sen-sual experience if you are not interested in BDSM. I have experience as a masseuse and energy worker. My many years of personal and professional training along with my utmost respect for your boundaries ensures that you will be safe in my hands. Heavy/ experinced BDSM practicers are always welcome, as are those who are new to BDSM. My priority is making my client feel comfortable & I value our time together, putting a lot of care & magic into curating each experience.

I do require at least 24 hours advanced booking and do screen all new clients. I will accept clients without references, but there will be additional screening methods. Your privacy is very important to me, as is my safety.