You may have gathered from my sumptuous form, refined style, and adventurous presentation that I am a woman of specific tastes. I live for experiencing new things, tasting new foods, and traveling to places you only see in post cards. I crave spontaneous day road trips to glamp in the Red Woods, a whirlwind romance in Paris, or being hand in hand with a romantic man over looking the bay at a candle light dinner.

Did I mention I’m a social butterfly? I love enjoying the company of couples, groups, and have plenty of beautiful friends for doubles. I also enjoy dates out on the town, to corporate events and parties, or more adult parties if you’re into exhibitionism.

Some of my favorite ways to connect with you include a unique cocktail and dining experience, intelligent and flirty conversation, slow and passionate connection, and hearing your dreams and goals. I prefer taking our time together to discover each other’s energy and build a genuine bond. I love tailoring experiences to your special inclinations and am quite knowlegable in roleplay and BDSM.